This week, the House of Sir Winston Churchill voted for our new Exec and Knights team members.  It took almost 3 hours to finish the elections, because of the time and energy each member put into discussing the positions before submitting their votes. The results were as follows: President: Robert DeWitt Chamberlain: Peter Murphy Helmsman: […]

Recently, the men of Churchill played paintball in Queens.  This was a chance for them to test their mettle, embrace their warrior spirits, and prove themselves in combat.  

This week as we get back into the swing of things for the second semester, House Scholar Rob DeWitt, and his little, Michael Sheetz remind you do have a little fun in your free time.  Like them.  They went ice skating.

This week, two of our more senior members of Churchill decided to show all the newcomers how to take a real Big/Little Picture.  Thanks Brandon and Alex!

  To celebrate Thanksgiving, Mitchell Griffin and his big Jon Craig had a special Thanksgiving meal with some girls from Barton, our sister house.  Can you  guess what they were thankful for?  Probably for being a part of this House and having such lovely company for their Thanksgiving meal!

These seniors are a Big/Little couple that none can rival.  House president Sean Spurlock got fellow senior Pawel Wieprzowski as his little.  What Pawel doesn’t know is that Sean is actually a very dangerous man. . .

This next semester is an exciting one for our House because Jesse Owen, who previously was a member of the house, but transferred, is returning!  In honor of his return, here is Jesse’s Big/Little picture from last year.